Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) & Information Technology (I.T.) was established in the year 2001 with the mission to educate students from all over India, including those from rural areas, so that they become enlightened individuals, improving the living standards of their Families, Industry and Society.
The future of computing and IT systems rests here. The department's mission is to advance, evolve and enhance computer science and computing engineering fundamentals to build the intellectual capital of research and students. The CSE Department endeavors to be an important regional, national, and international resource center for the development of computing and IT systems and applications.
Programmes offered by the Department are:
  •  B.E. Computer Science and Engineering
  •  B.E. Information Technology
  •  M.E. Computer Science and Engineering
The department has well-qualified and experienced faculty who are specialists in the areas of databases, wireless networks, artificial intelligence, operating systems and programming languages etc.
Major Events & Achievements
The CSE/I.T. Department holds National Conferences, Seminars, student symposia, short-term training program and value added courses. This provides a wide range of opportunities for faculty and students to bring out their potential and innovative skills in a variety of fields. The department has recently conducted a National Conference on “Advance Computing and Communication Technology” (ACCT-2012).
The CSE/I.T. Department effectively prepares students to pursue leadership, technical, and management positions in a variety of industries. Students have obtained successful placements at leading companies.
The Department is well equipped with 11 diversified laboratories including a dedicated laboratory for the Post-Graduate students installed with a variety of software catering to the needs of the students and covering the curriculum specified by the affiliated University.
The laboratories include:
Operating System and Networking Lab
System Programming Lab
Software Engineering Lab
Windows Programming Lab
Post-Graduate (PG) Lab
High Performance Computing Lab
Hardware Lab I
Hardware Lab II

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