Department of Community Medicine


1)  Organize elementary epidemiological studies to assess the health problems in the area. For this he should be able to design a study, collect data, analyse, make a report and be able to participate in health information systems.

2) Demonstrate the knowledge of principles of organizing prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases by incorporating the Hahnemannian concept of preventation and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

3) Organize health care service for special groups like Mother, infants, school children, handicapped and geriatric.

4) Promote community participation especially in areas of disease control, health education and implementation of national programme.

5) Aware of national priorities and the goal to be achieved to complement primary health care including the health for all.

Department of Community Medicine           
S.No. Name of Teachers  Present Designation  Date of Joining  Qualification  Awarding autority with year of Award  Date of Birth  Registration No.  Photo Graph of Teachers 
1 Dr. S.K.Nigam  Professor  05.03.2011 MBBS   - -  
2 Dr. L.N.Kurrey  Lecturer  06.3.2013 BHMS  Jivaji Uni. Gwali. 2006 06.07.1979 15260


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