Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

The mission of the Computer Science Department is the creation and transmission of knowledge about the computer science discipline and profession. The mission has three components: teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and service. Foremost in the department mission is the commitment to excellence in all of three areas.

The department strives to prepare students well for either graduate school or a professional career. Our graduates are expected to be able to make the connection between theory and application. We support our faculty efforts to expand the body of knowledge, disseminate their findings through publication and consulting, and engage in intellectual inquiry. Our faculty are involved in curriculum development, textbook writing, and pedagogical innovations. Faculty members are encouraged to play a service role on the campus, throughout system, and in the local community.

Programmes  offered  by the  Department  are :

• UG
• BE CSE(120)
• PG
• M.Tech CSE(24)

Course Objectives

Students should develop fundamental skills such as problem solving and abstract reasoning through computer programming.
Motivation: Since we began teaching the course using Projectors it seems the content has become too focused on the subjects and not enough on problem solving and abstract reasoning. These skills are crucial for the other computer science courses that our majors and minors will eventually take and are also transferable to a wide range of situations outside the discipline. I would like for fundamental skills to be a main focus of the course

Students should come away from this course with a sense of and appreciation for Computer Science as a discipline.
Motivation: All too often this course has been too narrowly focused on BE computer science. This gives students an inaccurate picture of what computer science is all about and may cause some students, particularly women, to choose not to pursue a major or minor in computer science because they don't see how it fits into the larger scheme of things.

Students should experience a hospitable learning environment that is cooperative, comfortable and minimizes any feelings of inadequacy, particularly for students with less experience and confidence. It is also my goal to take steps to help alleviate the frustration of learning to program so that all the students may feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from what they are able to achieve in the course. I want the students to have fun! Motivation: To promote diversity and help to dispel the reputation of the class as extremely difficult and inhospitable.

Additional Training

In every semester the students are given additional training and workshop as to develop their skills inside and out side college by industrial visit.


Faculty members at JNCT College in Bhopal are committed to excellence in teaching, research, and the advancement of the science of Engineering. In order to become a faculty member at JNCT, it is a prerequisite to qualify for and secure a faculty appointment at Jai Narain College of Technology(JNCT).The breadth and depth of the research interest of the academic staff insures a high standard of lecture courses and provides excellent opportunities for challenging and stimulating final years projects 

Career Objectives for Computer Science

Computer science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their practical application in computer systems. Graduates of computer science programs are prepared to enter the workforce in a variety of capacities. Regardless of what sector within the computer science industry one chooses, the following career objectives are applicable.

Broad Knowledge of Computer Science Field

Graduates of a computer science program are expected to have a range of knowledge of the theoretical foundations of computer science in addition to knowledge of fundamental areas within the field, such as computer architecture, data management, systems networking, and programming languages. In-depth knowledge of a specific area within the field of computer science is also expected as well as the ability to apply scientific methodology to one's chosen field of expertise.

Continued Professional Development

Computer science professionals are expected to be able to think independently and have the resources necessary to acquire and process new knowledge as it becomes available. The field of computer science is always evolving, thus being aware of new developments in the industry is imperative for a successful career. Professionals who choose to enter the field of computer science must understand the necessity of continuing education and engaging in professional development activities.

Social and Ethical Preparedness

Individuals expecting to enter the computer science industry are expected to possess an understanding of contemporary issues in computing. They must know what type of behavior is expected of them and must be aware of the legal and ethical obligations they have to behave appropriately at all times.

Communication With Others

Computer science professionals must be able to communicate clearly and effectively. This means that they must be able to communicate in both technical and non-technical terms to co-workers and clients.


The CSE department has 07 fully Air-conditioned  computer labs ,310 computers with latest configuration  and a  server room  containing  Rack server(blade server).We also have  Unified Threat management system(UTM) various software packages are installed in the computer like C,C++,Java,Oracle,.Net,Unix/Linux,Matlab etc.

The labs cater to:

• Networking Lab
• Simulation Lab
• Operating system
• Data Base Management System
• Computer Graphics and Multi Media
• Object Oriented Technology
• Analysis and Design of Algorithm
• Unix/Linux
• Major Project
• C/C++
• Java

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