Central Library

Salient Features of the Library


  • The Total Seating Capacity is 100
  • Reference section
  • Periodical section
  • Standard text books and books by well known authors

Book Bank Scheme

Many students opted for book bank scheme which costs Rs. 4000 for the entire course. This scheme runs on the premise that each student should posses at least one text book for each subject throughout his/her 4 years of study. Procuring these books from the market is arduous and expensive proposition and also some editions are not available in the market. Book bank scheme is devised to overcome this problem. Large number of students are availing this facility.

Working of the Book Bank Scheme

Principal, HODs and faculty members decide the best books that cover the entire syllabus of the subject. These books are purchased and accessioned in the library and issued to each student (one set) for a period of one year / semester. At the end of the year/semester the student has to return all the books and then books of the next semester are issued on the 1st day of the semester.

Benefits to Students

  • A single, one-time payment ensures the availability of the best textbooks for each subject throughout her four years of study.
  • Books are handed over to the student at the college library.
  • The presence of textbooks improves the student’s academics and enhances the performance in internal and external examinations.
  • Students can save a lot of time and money. No need to buy books from market at higher rates and with difficulties.
  • Students can borrow two extra books of their choice from the library through 2 library borrowers tickets normally issued to all students.

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