Sophisticated Instrument laboratory

The Sophisticated Instruments Laboratory (SIL), was established by Lakshmi Narain college of Pharmacy, Bhopal in 2010.

The purpose of establishing the laboratory is to provide data collection facility from sophisticated  equipments to scientific community for their advanced research with nominal charges. The facility has grown into a major centre for spectral measurements,materials identification etc.



S.No Instrument Name
1. FT-IR (Bruker-Alpha)
2. UV- 1700 (Shimadzu)
3. HPLC - Isocratic System (Cyber Lab)
4. Ultra Prob Sonicator (Lark)
5. Viscometer (Brookfield)
6. Cooling Micro Centrifuge (Remi)
7. Flame Photometer (Jyoti)
8. Spectro Fluori Meter (Systronics)
9. Phase Cntrast Microscope (Khera)
10. Research Microscope (Optics)
11.  UV -Translluminitor (Khera)
12. Gel & Paper Electrophoresis (Geni)
13.  Rotatory Vaccum Evaporator (Buchi)
14. Class - II Laminar Air Flow (Jyoti)
15. Automated Tissue Culture Station


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