Mission of TnP






The very purpose of any education is enhancement of service to society and contribution to its growth and development through intelligent, human friendly, ecology supporting processes and procedures through the recipients of this education, in addition to evolving into them, essential human qualities and virtues towards being a responsible and thoughtful citizen.

With the above philosophy in mind, LNCT-Indore converges its resources in a better manner just like its Bhopal sibling, which stands a benchmark for all other Technical Institutes in Madhya Pradesh.




The College is lucky to have such a top of the class experienced, very well qualified and extremely dynamic Technocrats on such key positions. With their tremendous knowledge and versatility the institute has sprung up to a place, which is far ahead of competition feature by feature. The dynamic vision and initiative of each of these stalwarts towards success in placement of students has done wonders in such a short time.

Dr. H. K. Saini Director Academics

Dr. A. K. Sinha Advisor Academics 

Dr. D. Mittra Principal LNCT 



In a bid to see this through, the institute works hard on bringing its students to a level where they receive high acceptance from corporate world. Our purpose is larger than just getting a student placed. That is just a start.

It's our strong belief that individuals are unique in them. We understand our responsibility to guide each of them to the career path, which actually does justice to the one in consideration.

This is just what keeps us ahead and unique.

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