Departemetn of Engineering Physics:


Department Profile :

               Engineering Physics forms the basis and integral part of present day modern institutes of science and technology. Department of Engineering physics has been effectively functional since the inception of LNCT, Indore in 2004. The department has been playing a pivotal role in shaping up future technocrats produced by the institution. The department stands focused to its ideals in imparting knowledge in physics and emphasizing its importance along with relevance to future engineering professionals. The Engineering physics Department is headed by Dr .Mrs. Manik  Akolekar along with two more dedicated faculty members and a laboratory technician. The Department has high tech infra structures that includes a spacious laboratory housing latest equipments.  The course curriculum both in theory and practical Is periodically upgraded as per the guide lines of RGPV, Bhopal and AICTE, New Delhi. All the faculty members train the students to handle high tech equipments as well as help them have a profound base of physics that is relevant to all branches of technology. Students are helped in paper presentation, contest in current scientific topic and project/ model  making to help them being at par with the industry.

             The faculty members are involved in research activities and they participate as well as present papers in National/International conferences /workshop.

              The department head has a special mission to foster collaborative interdisciplinary research and education in different areas of physics that will address future needs of the society. Hence the department promotes collaboration between faculty members and researchers within and outside the department.

  Goal of the Department :

Help students strengthen the fundamentals in physics and use them to applications in engineering.
Help students gain practical knowledge / analytical bent of mind and experimental skills.
Inculcate scientific attitude and culture of scientific reasoning among students.
To produce consistently good result every academic year.
To be recognized as one of the best Engineering physics Department of the state.
  Mission of the Department :

To produce highly skilled, disciplined and quality engineers with sound knowledge of physics that can be applied to technology, there by make students competent to face challanges of 21st century.

H.O.D. Profile:

Dr. Mrs. Manik Akolekar
           Dr. Manik Akolekar has been working as Professor and Head, Department of Engineering physics at LNCT ,Indore ,since April 2008. She has been a dedicated professional with over 4 decades of experience in teaching physics to students at under graduate and post graduate level.. Her teaching experience includes  institutional teaching along with similar experience in the field of research and over 25 years of experience in academic guidance and career counseling. The teaching methods of Dr. Akolekar include interactive discussions and hands on approach to help students have a conceptual understanding of the subject. She is also credited to have considerable organizational and administrative experience . She has been continuously working towards developing newer teaching modalities and improved student evaluation.

            Dr. Akolekar is an equally dedicated researcher and has several research publications to her credit in National and International journals  ,presented in National / International conference and work shop in physics, applied physics and human genetics. In the branch of applied physics ,she has published 4 papers in International journals and 6 papers in National journals. Her academic and work credentials are excellent and are as follows :

Academic background

Recipient of National Merit Scholarship                                                                         1966 – 71
B.Sc. - First in order of Merit – Awarded Gold & Silver Medal DAVV Indore                    1969
M.Sc.(Physics) – First in order of Merit – Awarded Gold Medal D A V V Indore              1971
One of the best women of the decade  - Awarded by International                                     1978                 Women’s federation ,World women decade award
UGC Research Fellow - ( M S University of Baroda )                                                    1981- 85
PhD ( Applied physics ) - TL S on irradiated  KCl:Ba-MSU Baroda                                   1985

Work Experience

Lecturer – Govt. Girls PG College, Indore                                                                      1971 – 80
Sr. lecturer – Applied physics Department                                                                     1980 -  91                  Faculty of Technology & Polytechnic M S U ,Baroda, Baroda
Sr. Scientist – S N Institute of Genetics, Baroda & Indore                                       1991 – 2007
Academic guidance & career counseling                                                                  1991 -  2007
Professor & Head -  Dept.  of Engineering physics                                                      April 2008                L N C T, Indore                                                                                                                    continuing

Research Experience

UGC Research Fellow - TL research group                                                                  1981 - 85                Dept. of Applied Physics, MSU, Baroda
TL studies on KCl:Ba ( different molar concentrations)                                               1985 – 91                 irradiated with different radiations ( alpha,beta,gamma )
Applications of KCl:Ba to dosimetry                                                                               1985 - 99
Chief Scientist –prevention of birth defect study group                                           1991 – 2007                 S N  Inst. Of Genetics, Baroda, Indore
Visiting Scientist                                                                                                                     1992
Chem Sheba Medical Centre , Tel Aviv , Israel
Tel Hashomer Medical Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel                                                                                             was trained in diagnosis of biochemical and molecular                                                                              Markers for the Prevention of Birth Defects  
Current developments in Nanotechnology                                                                 2010 to date
Safety regulations in the use of Nanotechnology                                         continuing  from 2012

   Membership of Professional Organizations

Life Member :
?                  a. T L Society of India

                  b. Indian Physics Association

                  c. International Society of Diagnosis, prevention & Treatment of Fetal Disorders

                  d. Internationa Science Congress


The Institute has well qualified and trained faculty members, able to teach, guide and inspire the students. The list of faculty members is as follows:

Dr. Mrs. Manik Akolekar     Professor & Head

Mrs. Deepti Panwar            Sr. Lecturer

Ms. Mala Mangawani          Sr. Lecturer

          The Department has a well equipped technical state of art laboratory ,which has latest apparatus including experiments housed in the dark room. The laboratory is specially designed aesthetically, to provide conducive work environment.



( Subjects )

No. of Apparatus

No. of experiments

( as per RGPV)

I & II

Engineering Physics Lab , BE 201


10 ( By rotation )

As per RGPV   guidelines

All Branches of Technology


Achievements :

The Department of Engineering physics has been successful in providing quality education in physics to students and has been able to improve students understanding of physics to use it to their knowledge of technical subjects. Students have been provided with opportunities for their extra curricular development. Students are also given update knowledge of current technical development from time to time, this is achieved by encouraging first year engineering to make working and demonstrative models using principles of physics. The faculty members conduct periodic meetings to update and improve functioning of the department.


Research :

In line with the policy of LNCT, Indore, research activities are promoted among teaching faculty and students. HOD has been awarded PhD degree way back in 1985 and other faculty members , Mrs.Deepti Panwar and Ms. Mala Mangwani are working towards PhD from recognized universities.

Faculty members have been publishing their work in National/International journals. Students are encouraged to make research projects.

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