Anti-Ragging Committee

Ragging - An Avoidable Crime

Ragging is a barbarian act in this civilized world and it is a punishable offence. As per the Directives of The Hon”ble Supreme Court of India all higher educational institutions should curb this menace totally as it is prevalent there. The behavioral patterns among the students should be carefully observed to inculcate human values. Ragging humiliates people and the measures taken against ragging must deter its recurrence.

Since the ensuing academic session is likely to commence shortly, the anti ragging committee of the institute has decided to take up intensive multimedia publicity campaign in order to reinforce anti ragging measures. Prevention is better than cure and so the Anti Ragging Squad of student community is all set to end this inhuman activity.
Every student and respective parents should sign an under taking at the time of Registration stating that they will not be involving in any sort of ragging activities. The admission to the college can be cancelled if they are found guilty at any time.

Information regarding incident of ragging can also be directly in confidence to the following persons

S.No.  Name Designation Telephone Numbers
1. Dr. Rakesh Mowar Principal LNCT 9926868586
2. Dr. O.P. Rai Advisor 9425372438
3. Dr. Ashok Kumar Rai OSD LNCT 9827055261
4.  Prof. Amol Barve HEAD ( Anti Ragging Sqad) 9039783884
5. Dr. Rita Jain HOD EC 9893573575
6. Dr. Manish Shrivastava HOD IT 9827296290
7. Dr. V.N. Bartariya HOD ME 9425025559
8. Dr. Vineet Richhariya HOD CSE 9926351836
9. Dr. Amit Shrivastava HOD EE 9826029451
10. Prof. Anil Saxena HOD Civil 9425149642
11 Dr. Meetoo Singh HOD Physics 9098456250
12. Dr. Anjali Tiwari HOD Chemistry 9754025670
13. Dr. Pramila Kapoor HOD Maths 9893750265
14. Dr. Anant Acharya Professor Humanities 9685197593
15. Mr. Pankaj Jain Sports Officer 9893274600
16. Mr. Rajendra Raput Bus Incharge 9826378208
17. Mr. Lalaram Security Officer 8871462374


  • Anti ragging committees for LNCT,LNCT&S ,LNCP,LNCT MBA , LNCT MCA, have been constituted ,notified and displayed for year 2016-17, ‘ARC 2016’
  • Members are from Teaching ,Non teaching and senior students.
  • The list contains names designations, departments, mobile numbers and address.
  • They perform basic function:-
  •  Vigilance of junior students from their home bus stop to college bus stop and back
  •  Escort newly admitted students  from college bus stop to class rooms and   labs/workshop.
  •  Escort are present in canteen during lunch break of first year students.
  •  Vigilance in hostel during their stay in hostel.
  • ARC list on flex banner is separately displayed at prominent locations and website.
  • Telephone numbers of college authorities are displayed on Notice board
  • ARC, 2016 meeting is convened on 08/08/2016 at 3:45 PM with Principal ,OSD and Chairman ARC.
  • AICTE guide lines and measures to be taken are informed by Principal
  • Letters from DSW and RGPV seeking for details is responded bearing No. 361/Date-26/07/2013 photocopy enclosed.
  • Affidavit  of senior students are available in office .
  • Undertaking by ARC members is obtained and available
  • In induction programme of BE students  steps  adopted to curb ragging by LNCT Group Raisen  campus  have been  informed to newly admitted BE students and their parents.
  • Posters for curbing ragging are displayed in all departments of all colleges .
  • Hostels Rules are displayed and following steps are taken.
  • In hostels for hostels inmates following steps are taken.
  • Attendance is taken at night.
  • Main gate is closed and locked.
  • Twenty four hours security guard are on duty and are provided with I -cards.
  • Items of daily needs and stationary are made  available.
  • Hostel warden and  caretakers are available and take round.
  • Communication means , telephone , medical aid and sports facilities are provided.
  • In hostels mess and canteen facilities exit.
  • On campus vigilance and assurance of prompt action .

Anti Ragging committee

The list of Anti Ragging Committee members (Teaching  Staff & Non Teaching Staff )  &  Anti Ragging Squard 2016-17 are attached (please click the hyperlinks).

The minutes of meeting on 08/08/2016 at 3:45 PM with Principal, OSD and Chairman ARC can be  seen here.

The list of ARC (Students) 2016-17 can be seen here.



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