Program Educational Objectives

  • To understand the applications of science and humanities ,basic introductory engineering courses , core subjects of the curriculum of the course and interdisciplinary subjects, a specialized group subjects, electives, projects ,seminars, group discussion supplemented by site visits and local short tours.
  • To make students familiar with modern equipments, instruments ,instrumentations , software and other computational, mathematical, design and project management tools.
  • They should be capable themselves to handle complex problems based on their acquired knowledgeable with other available sources of information and references.
  • They should be able to carry out research, design, consultancy services innovations and patents to the existing situations independently for the betterment of society.
  • To use up-to-date techniques and skills required in modern era to analyze problems in industrial field.
  • They should be competent to model real life problems using software and hardware platforms both in offline and in real time mode.
  • They should do analysis independently of real life problems of design and use computing systems appropriate to their solutions that are technically sound, economically feasible, viable and sustainable.
  • To make the students conversant with the methods and the instruments being presently used in field thus bridging the gaps between the curriculum and industry requirements.
  • To churn out the aspirants of engineering courses into first class engineers and assist them in placements during the course of the study.
  • To develop the department by conducting faculty development programs and also encouraging their participation in conferences, seminars,workshops and guest lectures at national level and international level.
  • To develop the skills of the staff by conducting staff development programs and encourage participate in them.
  • The engineers from LNCT should be intelligent, knowledgeable and diligent towards their job responsibility they should accept social responsibility with a confidence, ethics, patriotism and high character.
  • The engineers passing out from this college should respect their elders, considerate among their colleagues, religious, tolerant, culture loving, nature loving and cooperative with teams.

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