Chancellor Scholarship 2012-2013

Chancellor’s Scholarship 2012-2013

Chancellor Award: His Excellence the Governor of Madhya Pradesh & Chancellor of all the universities of the state awarded to the students who obtained highest marks in theory subject in university results.

1. Pallavi S (BE-CSE-1 Sem)
2. Ayushi Jain (BE-CSE-3 Sem)
3. Mansi Pathak (BE-CSE-3 Sem)
4. Murtaza Ali (BE-CSE-3 Sem)
5. Pranjali Shrivastava (BE-CSE-3 Sem)
6. Rupali Bhatnagar (BE-CSE-3 Sem)
7. Nirmal Rana (BE-CSE-5 Sem)
8. Pratik (BE-CSE-5 Sem)
9. Kritika Dwivedi (BE-EC-1 Sem)
10. Saurav Kumar (BE-EC-1 Sem)
11. Anamika Agrawal (BE-EE-1 Sem)
12. Harshal Purohit (BE-EE-1 Sem)
13. Divya Rajput (BE-EI-1 Sem)
14. Rahul Sahu (BE-EI-1 Sem)
15. Harsha Vardhan (BE-EX-1 Sem)
16. Kawal Preet Kaur Kalra (BE-EX-3 Sem)
17. Kumar Shahid (BE-EX-5 Sem)
18. Md Shajid Iqbal (BE-EX-5 Sem)
19. Sukirty Jain (BE-IT-1 Sem)
20. Harshvardhan Singh (BE-IT-3 Sem)
21. Jaya Singh (BE-IT-3 Sem)
22. Pooja Parihar (BE-IT-3 Sem)
23. Akash Chandani (BE-ME-1 Sem)
24. Avinash Kumar Pandey (BE-ME-1 Sem)
25. Dhananjay Kumar Singh (BE-ME-1 Sem)
26. Sumendu Kumar (BE-ME-5 Sem)

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