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The first ONE-MILLENIUM eBook Collection 50+ Academic University Presses & Libraries Only source of Digitally Re-Mastered Editions



About World e-book Library

WEL is the World’s largest collection of Primary Source eBooks for academic libraries. It is designed to support academic research at all levels and subject areas by providing over 3,000,000 unabridged eBooks originally scanned from the shelves of the top 50 University Libraries in the world. It is the first and only one to offer Digitally Re-Mastered Editions of the most influential books ever printed from the 10th until the 20th centuries.


Since its introduction in 1997, World eBook Library has aggregated and digitally re-mastered some of the best-scanned research eBook titles published by American and British universities. The list of academic presses includes Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University and many other University presses. Additionally, it boasts digitized eBook titles from 42 European National Libraries.


Harvard University Massachusetts Institute Stanford University
of Technology


Oxford University Cambridge University


Princeton University Johns Hopkins University

WEL has 100% of these University publications and holdings.

List of Subjects

Agriculture (86,266 Books) Geography (32,615 Books)
Algebra (2,852) Government (286,125Books)
Applied Science (1,085) History (809,103 Books)
Anthropology (72,829Books) Industrial Engineering (106,075 Books)
Architecture (14,122 Books) Language (277,215 Books)
Astronomy (14,361 Books) Law (250,410 Books)
Bibliography (57,244Books) Literature (615,837 Books)
Biology (90,413 Books) Management (72,396Books)
Biomedical Science (5,378 Books) Math (29,986 Books)
Chemistry (54,840 Books) Mathematical Analysis(1,163)
Classical Mechanics(5,722) Mathematical Statistics(1,662)
Commerce (74,261 Books) Medicine (150,626 Books)
Computer Science (48,919 Books) Military Science (107,948Books)
Construction Technology (70,904 Naval Science (142,218Books)
Books) Operations Management(5,166)
Disaster Management (173,940 Philosophy (51,615 Books)
Earthquake Engineering (40,815 Physics(11,805 Books)
Books) Political Science(424,799Books)
Economy (152,022 Books) Psychology (20,920 Books)
Education (133,163 Books) Reference Collection(17,766 Books)
Electrochemical Engineering (3,558 Religion (122,649 Books)
Books) Sociology (147,741 Books)
Electronics (18,399 Books)
Statistics (56,423 Books)
Finance (151,491 Books)
Thermodynamics (10,059 Books)
Fine Arts (110,368 Books)
“and many more… “


Key Features

3,000,000 eBooks, unabridged original single PDF files by the original authors.

Primary Source eBook collections covering all major subject areas originally published from the 10th until the 20th centuries.

More than 500,000 individual book authors. Unlimited simultaneous download in multiple devices.
The downloaded ebooks can be printed for future reference.

IP authentication and remote access to your bonafide users through one link from your library website.

Fully Searchable Quotable Text &Bookmarking capability. Enough for several Lifetime's Worth of Reading.

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