The Department Administrative Head is Prof. Babita Patel.  Per capita Electrical Energy Consumption is an index of the standard of living of a country and its industrial and economic potential. Needless to say, that our country is very badly lagging behind in this area.

The government has all the intention of doing it and power generation is now under sharp focus. Simultaneously, the field of electronics is advancing in a big way and finds its application in almost every field, be it communications, power generation and management, automation, defence, consumer electronics, automobile engineering, control engineering or aerospace applications.

There is a huge deficit in the demand and supply of well-qualified Electrical and Electronics Engineers in the country.The department has following fully equipped laboratories of Electrical and Electronics, Electrical Workshop, Electrical Machines, Network Analysis, Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments, Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation, Control System, Power Electronics and Power System labs.

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