Workshop, CME programmes & Conferences

Workshop, CME programmes & Conferences 2014


Date Speakers Name Topic Department
10 Jan. Dr. Subroto Mandal An Unique case with bilateral common iliac Artery Stenosis treated by "Reverse T Stenting" technique to prevent gangrenous amputation Cardiology
17 Jan. Dr. J. Y. Shah Sepsis (Recent Huidliver)  Medicine
24 Jan.  Dr. S. Mandal Hypertension Care Cardiology

Workshop, CME programmes & Conferences 2013


Date Speakers Name Topic Department
11 Jan. Exam Going Batch ICMR Research Student
18 Jan. Dr. S. Mandal  Update Management of Hypertension Cardiology
8 Feb. Dr. K. S. Reddy Evaluation of infertile couple  Gynaec
15 Feb. Dr. Swagata Brahmchari Emergency management of bleeding per rectum Surgery
15-Mar Dr. Rashmi / Dr. Priti Refractive Surgeries  Ophthalmology
22-Mar Dr. Dwivedi / Dr. Megha How effective the USG as diagnostic Radiology
29-Mar Dr. P. Raghuwanshi Approach to HbsAg Positive case Medicine 
10-Mar Dr. Lav Kaushik Anxiety Disorders Psychiatric
24-Mar Dr. N. Patel Hyponatremia in clinical practice  Medicine
05-Apr Dr. D. Asati Chemical Pals  Dermatology
19-Apr Dr. T. N. Patel Vasomorfa Rhinitis  ENT
26-Apr Dr. Nawal Kishore Diet in Health & Diabetics  Physiology 
14-Jun Dr. A. K. Shrivastava Short Courses Treating for TB TB & Chest
21-Jun Dr. Reena Verma Rational use of drug & rational prescription  Pharmacology
28-Jun Dr. D. K. Satpathy / Dr. Sandeep Injury an its Inter pretation Forensic Medicine
12-Jul Dr. Bindu Singh Gaur Inter pretation of bone marrow  Pathology 
19-Jul Dr. Jagdish Jaiswal Concept of Physiotherapy & its application  Physiotherapy 
26-Jul Dr. Kiran Tripathi Hospital Infection  Micro
9 Aug. Dr. Muninder Bindra  External Quality Control Program Biochemistry 
23 Aug. Dr. Quttubuddin Ali Miniomal Invasive in Urology  Urology
30 Aug. Dr. G. R. Mehar  Immunity develop in the Body Community Medicine
13 Sep. Dr. S. Mandal   Management of VT & SVT in emergency  Cardiology 
20 Sep. Dr. B. K. Jain How effective and pain less endoscopic spinal surgery  Orthopedic
27 Sep. Dr. O. P. Tiwari (WHO) Seminar Polio Eradical & AFB WHO
11 Oct.  Dr. G. Ghosh Mammography how safe and effective cancer screening  Cancer detection/Screen
18 Oct. Dr. A. Rahman/ Dr. Swagata Splenic Injury Surgery
25 Oct. Dr. Sumit Bhargava Procedures for pain less labour. Back Bone for anesthesia Intensive Care (Anaesthesia)
8 Nov. Dr. Rahul Agarwal Diabetic Retinopathy Ophthalmology
15 Nov. Dr. Pooja Patil  Evaluation of ex-cervix by colposcope  Gynaec
29 Nov. Dr. Archana Upadhyay Ortho Dentic correction  Dental
6 Dec.  Dr. M. P. Singh  Minimal Access Surgery  Surgery
20 Dec. Dr. Swagata Brahmchari Recent adcances in treatment of Hemorrhoids Surgery
27 Dec.  Dr. Quttubuddin Ali Overview & advances in management of Nephrolithiasis   Urology

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