Anti Ragging Campaign

Anti Ragging Campaign
The Anti-Ragging Committee:
As per the regulation of Dental Council of India (DCI), every institution shall have an Anti-Ragging Committee and an Anti -Ragging Squad. 
The Anti-Ragging Committee shall be headed by the Head of the institution and shall consist of representatives of faculty members, parents, students belonging to the freshers category as well as seniors and non-teaching staff. 
Anti - Ragging Committee at RCDS:
The Committee shall monitor the Anti Ragging activities in the institution, consider the recommendations of the Anti-Ragging Squad and take appropriate decisions, including spelling out suitable punishments to those found guilty. 
1. Dr Raju Umaji Patil-Reader
2. Dr Ajay Pandey-PG student
3. Dr Sandhya Singh
4.  Deepkshika
5.  Sudip Shrivastav
6. Mrinal Tiwari
7.  Divya Raj
8. Swati
9.  Priyambada Kumari
10.  Vishal Babru
11. Alka Sharma
12.  Monika Chouskey
13.  Gerorge Thounaojam
14. Rahul Nagar
The Anti-Ragging Squad: 
The Anti-Ragging Squad shall be nominated by the Head of the institution with such representation as considered necessary and shall exclusively consist of members belonging to the various sections of the campus community. 
Anti Ragging Squad at RCDS:
  • Dr. Anisha Maria (Principal & HOD, Oral Surgery)
  • Dr. Manas Gupta (Asstt. Professor, OMR)
  • Mr. Prashant Gaikwad (Dental Hygienist) 
  • Ms. Sangeeta Gaikwad (Dental Hygienist)
The Squad shall have vigil, oversight and patrolling functions. It shall be kept mobile, alert and active at all times and shall be empowered to inspect places of potential ragging and make surprise raids on hostels and other hot spots. 
The Squad shall investigate incidents of ragging and make recommendations to the Anti-Ragging Committee and shall work under the overall guidance of the Anti-Ragging Committee. 
All matters of discipline within teaching institutions must be resolved within the campus except those impinging on law and order or breach of peace or public tranquility, all of which should be dealt with under the penal laws of the land.
Dr. Anisha Maria (Principal & HOD, Oral Surgery)
Dr. Manas Gupta (Asstt. Professor, OMR)
Mr. Prashant Gaikwad (Dental Hygienist)
Ms. Sangeeta Gaikwad (Dental Hygienist)
Mrs Mariamma Thomas
I yr BDS incharge: Ms Julia Ray
II yr BDS: Dr Saurabh Gupta
III yr BDS:Dr Ambika Srivastav
IV yr BDS: Dr Arpan Srivastav
Important contact persons : Shri Anupam Chouksey
                                              Ms Jyoti Rai
Dean: Dr. Mrs Anisha Maria
Rectors: Dr Manas Gupta, Mr Prashant Gaikwad
                  Ms Mariamma Thomas, Mrs Sangeeta Gaikwad
Proctors: Ms Jyoti Rai
Hostel Wardens : Boys hostel: Dr Manas Gupta, Mr Prashant Gaikwad  
                              Girls hostel: Ms Mariamma Thomas, Mrs Sangeeta Gaikwad
Mess Incharge: Mr Laxman Rajput
Library Incharge: Mr Vipendra Singh
PG Incharge: Boys: Dr Nishant Chaurasia   Girls: Dr Ambika Srivastav
Recreation room incharge: Mr Laxman Rajput
Rest room incharge: Mr Pritam Rajput
Details of local police/civil administration/hospitals  
Thana Incharge: Mr Jitendra patel-9425649254;
Sudhiti hospital:0755-266662
Ambulance:Atik: 09617710214
Reception officers details : Mr Prashant Gaikwad   ,Mrs Sangeeta Gaikwad
Details of contractors/incharges of toilets/lifts: Mr Habib Ahmed
Lab incharges: Mr Ganesh Tambe- Prosthodontics; Mr Prashant Gaikwad; Periodontics; Mr Sachin Asate: Biochemistry, Mrs Sangeet Gaikwad: Periodontics
Computer room incharge: Mr Amar Gandwani
Details of security officers and security guards:Mr Sanjay Thakur; Mr Imran khan, Mr Vinay Singh, Mr Ramesh, Mr Vishnu Singh, Mr Tularam, Mr Makha,Mr Sukharam, Mr Kripal Singh.
Details of emergency response system: Shri Anupam Chouksey, Ms Jyoti Rai, Mrs Anisha Maria, Dr Manas Gupta.
Details of bus incharges: Mohd. Ilyaz Khan
Details of parking incharges:Mr Pritam Rajput, Mr Kripal Singh
Details of women cells:,Dr Ambika Srivastav,Dr Ankita Vastani Chourasia, Ms Jyoti Rai
Details of liason officer: Dr Arpan Srivastav
Dealing with SCs, STs,OBCs,Disabled minorities and transgenders: Mr Sandeep Malviya
Student Monitors: I BDS:Anu Singh, Yash Chakkarwar,Nihin Mathews,Priyansh Saxena,Rahul Kumar ,Rajani Bala
II BDS: George Thounaojan, Pranay Sharma,Swahili Mishra,Ankita Choudhary
III BDS: Akshay Agarwal, Deepshikha
IV BDS: Avneet Bhatia, Charu Jain
First Aid Details : First Aid Kit present(Available with boys and girls hostels wardens), Ambulance and hospital service available on call.
Counselors Details:     I yr BDS incharge: Ms Julia Ray
II yr BDS: Dr Saurabh Gupta
III yr BDS:Dr Ambika Srivastav
IV yr BDS: Dr Arpan Srivastav
Details of ragging cases year wise: NIL
ATR on ragging cases: NIL
FIRs lodged –present status:NA
All vital information:--

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