College library "Gyana Soudha" meaning temple of knowledge is the heart of our colleges.

  • Fully functional The State-of-the-Art Library Automation System works on SOUL 2.0.
  • The library has unique serene reading ambience with good lighting & ventilation.
  • Library has proactive advisory committee.
  • There are three reading rooms accommodating 500 students at a time and has over 2700 books, 67 journals (national & International) &  back dated issues.
  • Books circulation through computerised automation software with barcoding for individual books.
  • Library follows open access systems which gives freedom for looking into books & choose.
  • There is audio and video room and provides awareness services, Bibliography services.
  • Xerox, Binding services are also provided in library

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EBSCOhost - world's foremost premium research database service
(Login and Passwords availabale at athe Librarian)
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Biomed Central Portal for medical and Dental Journals:
DOAJ acess to major publications in Dentistry:

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