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Introduction to Specialty

Oral Medicine & Radiology deals with the management of patients with diseases of the oral mucosal tissues often with other systemic involvement. Patients are seen for advice, diagnosis and management. Many patients remain on long-term follow up due to the chronic nature of their disease.

Oral Medicine offers a comprehensive range of care and management focusing on diagnosis and non-surgical management of predominantly chronic, recurrent and medically-related disorders of the orofacial region. There is access to and liaison with a wide range of dental and medical specialties including dental, radiology, oral surgery, psychiatry, clinical psychology, neurology, neurosurgery, dermatology, rheumatology, gastroenterology and complementary medicine. Referrals are accepted from general dental practitioners and secondary care, based on treatment need.

Conditions treated: 

  •   Diagnosis and management of infections presenting in the oral cavity
  •   Oral mucosal disorders, Premalignant and malignant oral conditions and onward referral to oncology teams as  appropriate
  •   Salivary gland diseases including dry mouth
  •   Neurological disorders including facial paraesthesia
  •   Oral manifestations of systemic diseases, including HIV infection, SLE, and Crohn’s disease etc..

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