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WELCOME to the Department of Periodontology
We are on the 1st Floor of the building (Room No. 202) & generally the 1st department referred to for treatment after diagnosis from the Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology.
There is a strong relationship between periodontal- health and disease & systemic -health and disease. This means a two-way relationship in which periodontal disease in an individual may have powerful influence on individual systemic health or disease as well as a more customary understood role that systemic disease may have an influence on individual periodontal health or disease. There is at present a rapidly increasing evidence which has implicated a variety of systemic diseases such as Diabetes, Ischemic Heart diseases, Pre-term Low Birth babies, Osteoporosis, HIV and Inherent chromosomal disorders as playing an important role in development & progression of periodontal diseases & vice versa. Hence, in our department our faculty emphasizes this fact & makes the patients aware of this inter-relationship during his/her treatment of periodontal disease & motivates the patient in proper oral hygiene maintenance, & also advises in Tobacco cessation.
Procedures done in our Department:
Scaling & Polishing. Polishing is also done using Air Prophy system especially when heavy stains are present.
Local Drug Delivery where the antibiotic medication is inserted locally into the periodontal pocket in case of localized areas.
Splinting using Fibre splint; composite & wire.
Surgical procedures such as various Flap surgeries using Regenerative techniques encompassing various Bone Graft materials, Guided Tissue Regeneration Membranes. Also various Perio plastic surgical techniques for root coverage are undertaken.
Perio-Esthetic Surgical procedures such as Depigmentation (correction of black gums), Crown Lengthening (making the crown longer in case of gummy smile) are also undertaken.
Implant Therapy for replacement of missing teeth using interdisciplinary protocols is also undertaken by our trained faculty in the Implant department in collaboration with the Department of Prosthodontics & Crown and Bridge and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.
Separate U.G & P.G Clinic with a separate A.C Minor Operation Theatre in the P.G Section having 2 chairs, changing room, mobile motorized suction units.
Separate U.G & P. G Sterilization sections with Ultrasonic cleaner, Front loading autoclaves
Photography equipment includes a Nikon Digital Camera having Macro capability with a Tripod stand & Photo Meter to take Fog-Free intra oral photographs of various procedures.
Microsurgical Loupes & Kit. Also DCI recommended Paquette blade handle (Hu-Friedy) for surgical procedures
Department Museum with display area & computer with Intra Oral Camera for patient motivation & instruction of oral hygiene techniques
Our Faculty attends various Pre-Conference, Conference & Teachers Training programs to keep themselves updated regarding the current trends in treatment & research.

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